High-Level Overview

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So what are some of the key components of Kodexa? 

Organization - This is a way to group projects.  You may have as many Organizations as you wish.  You can control who has access to each Organization.

Projects - A project has a specific goal and includes access to the documents needed and various assistants needed to achieve that goal. For example, you want to extract one or more tables or other pieces of information from a certain type of document. You may have as many projects as you need.

Project Templates - Kodexa has made creating a project easy by providing several types of templates.  You will see all your options when create a project. What Templates do is to set up your project with the most common set of assistants that have been pre-configured to help you get to you goal.

Assistants - there are several types of assistants.  At the highest level we have

Assistants used to work with documents.  For example, you need extract data from a table and all your source documents are in a zip format.  Or you have different types of files such as various Word or Excel formats, BMP, Tiff and so on.  Perhaps you need to OCR your documents to be able to get tests out of scanned files,  Perhaps you project needs to use our **AIML**  models for

Assistants used to interface to other systems. For example, in order to get your documents you needs to crawl a website and download one or more PDFs, link to a SFTP server, or you want to put the results of your project into an AWS S3 bucket.

Kodexa is always expanding the capabilities of or adding new assistants to reflect our customers needs

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